The deafening silence around the Hamas proposal for a 10-year truce | Mondoweiss

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“A terrorist is called that only because he does not have the power of the State behind him – indeed, he has no State, which is why he is a terrorist. The State, at bottom, and when the chips are down, rules by means of a terror made legal.”

James Baldwin on Palestine. (via androphilia)

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Joel Hernandez

I’m Sorry/I Forgive You [detail] - Arwa Abouon 


Dunes and Defrost in the North Pole
(Of Mars, that is)

Two-Color Dunes in Mars Meridiani Terra

Why are these dunes different colors?
Sand on Mars is typically dark in tone, as it commonly derived from volcanic rocks like lava flows. In HiRISE enhanced color, which operates in long infrared wavelengths (beyond what the human eye can detect), surfaces like these dune crests are dark blue to purple.
Sand comes in sizes that are ideal for surface transport by the wind, where sand “hops” along forming bedforms, like these dunes after large amounts of time.

I read that Israel ‘urges’ north Gaza residents to leave their homes. Curiously I Google how many live in northern Gaza. Over 200,000.

I walk into the kitchen. The smell of explosives, of death, penetrates my entire flat. Warplanes fly overhead. I anticipate more blasts.

I lie in bed. The buzzing intensifies. I hear ambulance sirens. I get up. The sirens grow louder, and so does Leila’s -my wife- breathing.

I sleep for a short while. Two hour pass before a series of successive blasts hit my area. Glass shatters. I wake up scared. My wife screams.

I’ve lost my words. Bombs rein down on my area. Behind the dining table, Leila and I sit close to each other. Death is what we are tweeting.

Mohammed Suliman, tweets (via sirilaf)


“Un jour, mon fils est venu me voir et m’a dit: «Papa, aide-moi à construire une bombe, on va la jeter sur les Palestiniens et les tuer.» Je lui ai demandé pourquoi. Il m’a répondu qu’ils nous avaient attaqué en premier et que je lui avais dit un jour que, si on lui faisait du mal, il devait se défendre. Et je me suis retrouvé à expliquer la situation politique à un gamin de six ans. Je lui ai raconté la souffrance des Palestiniens, les check-points, etc. Mais lui continuait de me dire: «Ce n’est pas une raison.» Alors je lui ai proposé de jouer à partager notre appartement en deux, avec un check-point au milieu. Chaque fois qu’il voulait passer d’un côté ou de l’autre, nous l’interrogions. «Tu veux passer ?» «Oui.» «Pourquoi ?» «Pour faire pipi.» «Tu as tes papiers.» « Non.» «Tu ne peux pas passer sans tes papiers.» «Mais j’ai envie.» «Prouve-le moi.» «Papa, j’en supplie.» A la fin de la journée, il a compris.”

Etgar Keret (via androphilia)

(via androphilia)